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AcquireCrowd specializes in generating consumer-initiated inbounds and facilitating warm transfers. With a keen focus on driving targeted and high-quality leads, AcquireCrowd employs cutting-edge strategies in performance marketing to connect businesses with potential customers in a seamless manner.

We leverage a sophisticated blend of digital marketing channels, data analytics, and customer engagement techniques to create compelling campaigns that inspire consumer interest and action. Whether through strategic online advertising or optimized user experience, we want to ensure that every interaction with the consumer is a deliberate step toward conversion.Inbound Calls

Inbound Call

Paid Media

Our team of internal media buyers utilizes a variety of paid channels to drive users to our O&O landing pages.

Click to Call

Consumers that are on the landing page can click to call on the lander or call the number listed.

Always Consumer Initiated

With inbound calls, they are 100% consumer initiated. We will never call you first.

Call Overview

AcquireCrowd is a leading marketing and customer acquisition firm specializing in generating inbound and warm transfer phone calls across legal, insurance, and debt verticals. With a focus on personalized customer interactions and cutting-edge technology, AcquireCrowd has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to boost their sales through the use of calls.


Paid Media

Ad driving consumer to our O&O page

Consumer submits their info and requests a call back for assistance

Agent from our Call Center contacts the consumer and begins verifying info

Qualified Customers are sent to a buyer in that Geo


Services Offered

Inbound Call Generation

Our internal media buying team runs targeted paid media campaigns to attract potential customers interested in specific products or services. Through compelling advertising campaigns, SEO optimization, and targeted outreach, they drive inbound calls from prospects seeking information or assistance.

Warm Transfer Services

Utilizing skilled agents and advanced call routing technology, AcquireCrowd excels in facilitating seamless warm transfers. When a potential customer expresses interest during an inbound call, trained representatives quickly assess the consumer’s need and which buyer they should be routed to. If the prospect qualifies, the call is transferred to a client’s sales team or designated representatives for further engagement.

warm transfer

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