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Our core functionality is to help companies acquire new customers by using our proprietary technology, along with our owned and operated sites. Through uniquely relevant content, appealing creative, and resourceful tools and technology – we engage users with brands, and create new consumers for our advertisers.


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What our clients think about us.

Kevin Brody

Founder & CEO @ Lead Pulse Media | CRM Audience Growth

Wes Eads is one of the most passionate people you will ever work with in the industry. Whether or small or large, he focuses on each of his partners as if they are the only one he works with. He is an early adopter, well ahead of the advertising trends and constantly looking for ways to give his clients and the company he works for the best advantages in the industry.

Adam Hoyt

Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert

Wes is one of those guys that you “need to know” if you are in the marketing and lead gen world. He is a great client that has become an even better friend. Wes is well versed in the marketing game and to top it all off, he is honorable. A trait you sometimes see people brush to the side to simply make money. NOT WES! If Wes can do the job, you better believe he will jump in with both feet. If not, he will not waste your time, or his and simply refer you to someone who is better suited in helping you. I have had the pleasure of working with Wes for over 6yrs now and value his knowledge, candor and ability to fulfill on his promises. A+++ in my book!

Melanie Trup

Associate of Arts and Sciences – AAS at Tribeca Flashpoint College

Professionally, Wes is one of the most diligent people I know– He’s been in the digital marketing industry for the last eight years, and his vast knowledge shows. He works very hard to give the absolute best to his clients, and he delivers!

Personally– He’s the most positive guy I know, and also one of the most uplifting, he genuinely cares for every single person around him, and if you ever have a moment- take one, sit down with him, and you’ll see, and when you walk away? You’ll do so with a smile.


Questions & Answers

01. Are the leads received exclusive?

Our leads are like precious gems – never shared and always unique! We value quality over quantity, so rest assured that you’ll get the most accurate and up-to-date info on your leads. We do our homework too, double-checking every new lead against our comprehensive database of previous ones. We keep this database for at least 30 days, making sure no sneaky duplicates slip in. Beware of other companies that sell the same leads to multiple buyers at higher prices. With us, you’ll get your money’s worth!

02. Are all leads received in real time?

Our super-smart system goes into overdrive, delivering leads to our clients the second they hit our inbox. We don’t believe in hoarding leads like a squirrel hoards nuts, oh no! We prefer to dish them out pronto to the right folks, so they can get cracking on closing the deal.

03. Is there any validation or quality control?

Our team places a high priority on quality assurance and remains vigilant in identifying any discrepancies. Should any anomalies arise, we address them promptly to ensure continuous improvement. We have partnered with a reputable third-party verification service to authenticate all US phone numbers, ensuring the accuracy of our data. We take pride in our commitment to maintaining the integrity of our information and providing authentic results.

04. How are leads delivered?

We work to best suit you, we have our own in house system which can be used for those that don’t have a CRM/System to keep track of all your leads so nothing goes missing in your Email or SMS messages.

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